When Our Friends Need Help with Dying

Patricio is creating a channel for people in the process of dying. He offers to be with them at the start of their journey to the next world. As a channel, he allows the universe to communicate with each soul that requests his assistance. 

Although he owns and manages a large company, he still finds time to travel around the world. He can be physically present anywhere someone needs him. He is also available to communicate by phone or video. Or he can connect with people mentally. 

Patricio’s services benefit not just transitioning people, but everyone around them. He brings them peace and harmony and helps them understand the transition. They can rest assured knowing that their loved one is in good hands.  

For a free consultation, email vegaspatricio@gmail.com or call 619 948 4319 (Pacific Time).


Patricio’s Story

Patricio Vegas Mussman has a gift. On a very deep level, he is able to sense when a person is about to pass away. And he knows how to be with them in their final moments. 

As a 10-year old boy, Patricio would accompany his great-grandmother Angelina to her house. One day he was walking her up the hill, and he watched her wave to all the neighbors. In a sudden flash he knew that she was going to die very soon. 

On his way back home, he could feel that he would not see his Angelina again. Late that night, there was a knock on the door and he heard the news that Angelina had a fatal heart attack. Though the rest of his family was crying, Patricio was not sad. He had already known what was coming. 

Patricio received several more intuitive experiences throughout his teen years. Without understanding what was going on, he was developing a spiritual connection with people. 

He left home and went to nursing school. One day he felt a powerful need to return to be with Nena, his paternal grandmother. He left school and hurried to her hometown. Once there, he told her family to leave the house, that he would stay with her and take care of her by himself. That night, Nena asked him to pray with her. He held her hands and talked with her through the night, until finally she passed away at six o’clock in the morning. 

Patricio knew that people would criticize him if he ever spoke about these events in public. But when he migrated to the United States and participated in the Landmark Forum, he found the courage to share his unique ability.

Thanks to Landmark, he met his husband Michael, a playwright and lyricist. They were married in 2008. Today they live in San Diego with a puppy named Mathilde, and they have an extraordinary life together. 

And then in 2014, Patricio had a near-death experience of his own. After a serious accident left him hospitalized, he decided to elevate his spirituality. He embraced a vegetarian diet and stopped drinking alcohol. He also partnered with Dr Veronica Palomino, one of his spiritual coaches, and together they work to build up their intuition. 

By talking with experts and spiritual guides, he found that he can be a medium, a chanel for people to transition smoothly into their next life with no fear. Since then he has become more and more clear and sharpened his intuitive powers, and each day he gains confidence with this knowledge. 

After working as a nurse and caregiver for 30 years, Patricio has come to the understanding that death is not what most people think it is. Death is not the end. It is simply a transition, the start of a new journey to another space. Last year, Patricio assisted nine people to transition.