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When my daughter told me I need some help getting around, I didn’t want to listen to her. I didn’t want someone coming in to my house, sit around and watching TV all day long. But Complete Caregiver proved me wrong. They do so much for me! Even think of things before I do. Never thought I could find such compassionate people. My caregiver Bill is a hero and an absolute godsend. So if you’re even thinking about finding someone to look after your mom or dad, please give a call to Patricio and his team. Don’t wait, they’re really the best.

~ Harold R., Del Mar

I call you my olympic caregiver team. You did it all…superbly. Somehow, I got to the hospital on time, was prepared for surgery, slept through the procedure, put back into my clothes and whisked back home as if it was just another ordinary day. My son was kept informed, and for me all went smoothly.  Actually, you were beyond superb. You have given me extraordinary care. And you have become treasured friends. You are in my heart.

~ Nessa

When my husband and I needed more support, Complete Caregiver was there for us. They brought in extraordinary people to work in our home. They truly worked miracles. If you need help with getting around, or even someone to talk to, then I recommend you call Complete Caregiver. They are more than caregivers. They’re family.

~ Dotty S., La Jolla

We have been consistently impressed and pleased with the wonderful care that your team has provided for my stepmother Aline. Her dementia over the past several years has been painful to observe. But your capable, compassionate, and loving care has greatly eased the burden. Every time I come to visit her, she is comfortable, she is being given healthy nourishment, and she is neat and clean and properly attired. Your people are interested, attentive, and pleasant. At the same time, your services are exceptionally reasonably priced for the high quality that you provide. Indeed, Aline's quality of life would be much diminished in an extended care facility which would cost a great deal more. You have my highest recommendation.

~ Thom H. in Phoenix, AZ

I am 93 years old and have relied on Complete Caregiver for the last four years. Complete Caregiver has been extremely reliable. I truly appreciate my caregivers Bill and Glen for all their assistance and support. Yes, I highly recommend Complete Caregiver.

~ Michel M., San Diego

I am so delighted with the attention and care that is shown to my husband and to me. Every care giver is respectful, caring and capable. I cannot recommend them more. I had nightmares about how a 24/7 care schedule could work because I am a private person and don't like having people around me. With the care and respect that is shown I am not having a problem at all. Every person is abundantly capable. If you or your spouse needs care, this is the company to call. They are honest and diligent. You will, hopefully, be as pleased as we are.  

~ Joan S., La Jolla